28 th Oct 2019

Build trust with commercial cleaning software.

In the past few years technology has changed the way our day to day operations are executed and organisations are starting to leverage upon technology to help in business development. Access to real-time data stored in the cloud presents organisations with a possibility of analysing data that may be missed by humans which can lead to a number of possibilities. Every business should have the ability to use technology at their disposal to get a clear and comprehensive view of their key resources

Transparency is the backbone of a business as it determines client relations as well as employee satisfaction. The ability to share real-time data can help build trust with clients as there is transparency in processes which is what clients appreciate. Commercial cleaning is an industry where your team executes various manual tasks at a client’s facility, having real-time information available which can be accessed by your clients gives you an edge over organisations that do not have this information. Many government bodies are making it a mandatory requirement of having access to real-time software systems which allow them to oversee operations at their premises when passing commercial cleaning contracts. If a client has access to information about operations and personnel, it helps build a foundation of trust that they are in good hands and in case something does not go as planned both parties will be aware of what circumstances led to the situation. Customer satisfaction can become challenging when the business processes are executed on different platforms in an organisation, this can be solved by ensuring the system implemented brings your clients and team on one platform.

Communication is the neural network of any business, be it external or internal, communication is what runs the business. Passing information to your team with detailed job descriptions helps them deliver the quality services your organisation strives to consistently deliver. Sharing images and location tags when completing tasks helps improve customer relations as they can easily verify the quality of work based on job specifications, this helps avoid a mismatch in job expectations that may be caused due to miscommunication or human error. Some clients have a requirement of viewing the documentation on the team members at their premises, such information can be stored and accessed from cloud platforms with ease.

A software solution does not only streamline business operations, but it also brings your main stakeholders onto one centralised platform where information is stored and can be shared from. Management can generate detailed reports of operations completed based on the data collected and share with a client with the click of a button. In today’s competitive market having such a tool can be a game-changer for your commercial cleaning business.